Daisycups Childminding

What we offer at Daisycups


At Daisycups we have a daily diary for each individual child that can stay here or go home each night with your child.  This diary will tell you information about your child’s day, what they have had to eat and drink, nappy changes, sleep time and various other information that is relevant to your child’s day.

We will provide a safe and friendly environment for you to know that your child is happy whilst in our care.  We believe that it is hard for a parent to go back to work and leave their child, but knowing that their child is happy and having lots of fun is a weight of anyone’s mind.

At Daisy Cups we will care for your child as if they were being cared for in their own home, giving encouragement and praise at every opportunity.  A cuddle at quiet time and helping them with their development.

 A home pickup and drop-off service is available upon request.

We currently drop off and pick up from the St Johns C of E School(nursery and main school). Other schools may be available please feel free to enquire.

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