Daisycups Childminding

 Activities to promote Areas of Learning and Development at Daisycups


 Activities to promote Personal, Social and Emotional development

* Imaginative Play

* Role play

* Dressing up

* Home corner

* Cooking

* Shopping

* Doll House

* Activities to learn about sharing

* Activities, puzzles & board games to learn about taking turns

* Celebrate achievement & birthdays 


Activities to develop Communication, Language and Literacy

* Story Time (Children to make up own stories, tell their news)

* Spoken games about colours, shapes & opposites

* Nursery Rhymes

* Alphabet games and songs


* Copying

* Making marks on papers

*Writing: letters to friends, shopping list, own names, cards, labels, simple words


Activities to promote Mathematical development

* Card games with numbers

* Shopping (Play money)

* Labels of numbers for counting

* Sand / Water play for measuring

* Measuring for baking activites

* Songs with numbers in them

* Cars for measuring speed and distance

* Counting

* Sorting

* Matching

* Building with stickle bricks, duploi, wooden bricks, farm animals and zoo animals

*Threading buttons, Train track 


Activities to promote Knowledge and Understanding of the World  

* Activites for exploration of senses: taste - touch - hear - smell

* Activities for investigation: mirrors, magnifying glass, wet sand, dry sand, binoculars etc

* Activities to promote designing: Learn to use tools such as scissors, glue, string, sticky tapes, hole puncher, etc... to assemble, to shape and join

* Discovering our world: activities to learn about our world, countries, food, people, animals, music and festivals

* Computer skills

* ICT in the environment/learn about the use of technology


Activities to promote Physical Activities

* Climbing Frame (back garden /local park)

* Slide (back garden / local park)

* Swing ( Local park)

* Ball games

* Skittles / bowling

* Beans bags

* Hoops

* Balancing beams

* Tunnel

* Action games: Hopping, jumping, running

* Bikes / Cars

* Using tools and equipment to develop fine and gross motor skills

* Boucy castle


Activities to promote Creative Activities 

* Drawing

* Colouring

* Printing

* Painting

* Sticking

* Collage

* Drawing with templates and stencils

* Create with dough

* Make own music and songs

* Dancing

* Movement with music

* Finger painting 


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